Private recording studio of multi-award winning artist,producer Tee-Double


We on occasion rent out some of our gear so contact us about this service also

We have the ability to re-amp individual tracks through high end outboard compression / preamps and EQs!

DAW & Plug Ins
ProTools 11.3.1
T Racks Master EQ 432
Waves Scheps 73
Waves TG12345
Waves RS56
Waves Vocal Rider
Waves Puig Tec EQP 1A
Waves Puig Tec MEQ-5 EQ
Waves API 550A
Waves API 550B
Waves Kramer Master Tape
Waves Tony Maserati Collection
Waves RS56 Passive EQ
Waves GEQ Graphic Equalizer
A1 Trigger Gate
Izotope D/Delay
Izotope Vinyl
SoundToys Little Alterboy
Waves Factory TrackSpacer
VRS Scope Edition
Sony 7506 (3)
Audio Technica M50x (2)
AKG K52 (2)
AKG K77 (2)

EQ & Preamp
Neve 1073N (standalone & console module pre/eq)
Neve V1 Racked Channels Mic Pre & EQs (2)
API The Channel Strip 550A (2) & 512C (2)
MANLEY Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A
SSL Alpha Channel (3)
SSL XR625 SuperAnalogue EQ Modules - E/G Switching-XL 9000 K Series (2)
Chandler Limited Germanium Pre
Avalon V5
Universal Audio Solo 610
BAE 1073 DMP
Trident Celebration Channel
DBX Pro Vocal

Dynamics & FX
One Pot rare Anti Trump Fuzz pedal serial#10
Neve V1 Racked Channels Comp/Lim, Filters (2)
SSL G Series Stereo Bus Compressor X Rack Module
API The Channel Strip 527 Compressor (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor
Chandler Germanium Compressor
BSS DPR 402 Comp/Limiter/De-Ess
Trident Celebration Channel
Valley People 430 (Stereo)
Alesis 3630 (2)
DBX Pro Vocal
TC Electronics Finalizer express
Roland Space Echo RE 201
Eletrix Filter Factory
Behringer Dualfex
Electro Harmonix Q Tron

RCA BK-5A (vintage ribbon 1955)
Telefunken CU 29 (Copperhead)
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 102
Microtech Gefell M930
Ear Trumpet Labs Mabel
12 Gauge Microphones (RED12-omni/Green12-cardioid directional/Blue12-cardioid directional+-15dB pad/Black212-stereo, cardioid directional)
Groove Tube GT66
Shure SM57(2)/ SM58/ SM7B
Shure Green Bullet 520DX
MXL 2001/ V63M/ 990/ 991
BLUE Bluebird /Woodpecker (ribbon)/ Baby Bottle
Audio Technica 4040/ 4050
Electro Voice RE20
Electro Voice Raven
Rode NT1A
Studio Electronics X1
M-Audio Nova
CAD E200

ADAM Audio F5
Yamaha NS 10 Studio
Yamaha NS 10T
KRK 5 Gen. 2
Random computer speakers

Korg Arp Odyssey Rev 2 Limited edition
Roland Boutique JP-08 Synthesizer Module
Roland Boutique JU-06 Synthesizer Module
Roland Boutique JX-03 Synthesizer Module
Linn Drum
Oberheim DX (Drum Machine)
Akai mpc 2000xl
Crumar Roady
Roland Fantom S (fully loaded/sound cards/extended sample ram)
Juno HS60 (106)/Alpha 1
Moog Slim Phatty/Moog Prodigy
Realistic Concertmate MG-1/Moog
Clavia Nord Modular
Sequintial Circuits Drumtraks
Korg Micro Korg/MS 2000
EMU Proteus 2000/Mo Phatt/Vintage Keys (modules)
Alesis DM5 Drum Mdule
Clavia Nord Modular
Drums-Bass-Electric Guitars (all random brands)

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