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Empowering Artists Since Day One. FOCUS.APPLY.REPEAT.

A foundation built to help educate, nurture and support the urban music community in central Texas by focusing on new methods for success such as Brand Building,Licensing,Strategic Planning,Career Consulting,Consultation,Copyrights,Publishing,Licensing,Touring,

Booking,Radio,Recording,Mixing,Showcases and becoming a sustainable business owner.

Brief Description of UAA Services:
The Urban Artist Alliance will be a place for artists to develop their music, business and craft while being able to create a brand that is long term and will continue to generate revenue while giving the proper tools to succeed and pass on to those who follow behind them.
We will also be covering the following in special events and industry panels:
Service highlights:

    Strengthen the business structure artist need to succeed.

    Introduce and develop a “Power Circle” dependent on an artist/companies needs to further establish their presence in their desired field.

    Take the lead in events, seminars, panels and more to keep the educational component going as a hub for artist to reach out to for further assistance.

    Partnering with various like minded associations to contribute new ideas that can stimulate the economy from future inclusion of the urban community.

    We have been fighting "Pay 2Play" (which charges artist obscene amounts of money to perform on stages for very short periods of time with no actual benefit to the artist ) Some charging artist as high as $2,ooo for a 20 minute set. Now we have some results!

    On February 27th the Austin City Council passed an amendment to the Downtown Density Bonus Program,that will ban “pay to play” in new venues that offer live music as one of their community benefits in order to qualify for benefits under the DDB program. This amendment just means the City itself WILL NOT FUND a new downtown live music venue through the DDB program, if the venue does p2p.

    This is where you CHEER! Voices were heard & History Was Made!

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  • Upcoming Events:

    Music Industry Expo: Feb. 10,2016 @ Emos Austin 7-9pm

    UAA Growth and Sustainability Committee early 2016!

    Preserving the history of Austins diverse urban music as well as steps to create and sustain revenue from the art one creates to pass on to future generations.

    texas monthly