Tee-Double is nothing if not prolific. The local hip-hop kingpin has released at least one LP per year for as long as anyone can remember.
-The Austin Chronicle
"The result is the artistic apex of Tee Double’s new album Gas Mask and a reminder that Tee Double has become the preeminent Austin hip hop veteran for a reason."

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Welcome to my world.

Featured in Music Connection Magazine April 2015 issue!

Featured in the Feb. 2015 issue of Blaqueline Magazine!

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Tee-Doubles featured in the first official music video for and funded by the City of Austin,Texas! Celebrating Austins diverse musicians!


Tee-Double featured on Breaking Bad.Season 4/Episode 1


2010 Tee-Double Day Official Proclamation!!

2009-2010 Austin Music Award for Best Hip Hop!