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Top 50 Austin albums of 2013 Rosie's Boy (#31)- Here OVRLD.COM

2013 Top 12 artist to see live in Austin,Texas! (#4)-Here Insite Magazine

Tee-Double launches the Urban Artist Alliance! More here.

Featured in the October issue of Real:Austin Living! More here.



I have been fighting "Pay 2Play" in Austin,Texas (which charges artist obscene amounts of money to perform on stages for very short periods of time with no actual benefit to the artist ) Some charging artist as high as $2,000 for a 20 minute set.Abusing the trust and artistic growth of musicians.

I have spoken at City Hall to the Austin Music Commission and tons of media from the news stations,radio and print to defeat and hault this abusive practice.

Now we have some results!

On February 27th,2014 the Austin City Council passed an amendment to the Downtown Density Bonus Program,that will ban “pay to play” in new venues that offer live music as one of their community benefits in order to qualify for benefits under the DDB program.

This amendment just means the City itself WILL NOT FUND a new downtown live music venue through the DDB program, if the venue does p2p. This is where you CHEER!

History Was Made!

Terrany Johnson A/K/A Tee-Double is an Artist ,Producer, Artist advocate,Founder of the Urban Artist Alliance,Board of Governors member for the Texas Chapter of The Grammys,Austin Music Award winner for Best Hip Hop and Best Experimental plus a recipient of his own day proclaimed by Mayor Lee Leffingwell and the City Council in Austin,Texas! 

As music evolves and the ways of getting attention for your craft change you as an artist must adapt to the ever changing playing field.

For the last 20+ years I have been recording and releasing my own material on my own label with various names over the years such as Poor Boy Records, Kinetic Marketing and finally Kinetic Global which has become a global music house for producing, songwriting, music publisher, recording, mixing, pressing product, licensing opportunities, press, remixes and so on.

I handle all these duties because as an independent artist most can't afford a staff to handle these duties and assure they get done. By doing these task yourself you learn as you go plus are confident they get accomplished.

When I was nine years old I recorded my first demo that would forever change my life and enhance my love for the music industry. Learning how to get that talent into the hands and hearts of the ones who matter was the hardest but not that complicated.

So after 22 albums, numerous awards,tours,growing and developing myself as an artist I open up the book of my life and art to allow you to see the various ways an independent artist can build their brand and inspire like minded artist.



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2010 Tee-Double Day Proclamation!!

2009 Austin Music Award for Best Hip Hop!

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